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…Might as well conduct a study entitled “The Effect of Reading Journey Into Mystery—Fear Itself Comics” Yeesh.

Currently obsessed with Kid Loki.  Isn’t he adorable or something? Isn’t he?! ISN’T HE?!?!?!

Yeah. Don’t mind me. Pic above is a comic snapshot. JIM-Fear Itself Vol 1 No 642. —Iron Man 

Nico + Nico = The Arcane and the Underworld. Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiight.

So this is a rather messed-up attempt at charcoal drawing. While standing in line (I know. I can’t find a chair.). The first one in my series of Runaways/Heroes of Olympus crossovers. Maybe I’ll fix it (or make a new one) later.

Nico Minoru (c) Marvel
Nico di Angelo (c) Rick Riordan.

—Iron Man

What if Gideon Cahill didn’t die at the fire way back at 1507? What if Luke didn’t ran away? What if Olivia didn’t keep Madeline’s existence a secret? 

… .What if the thirty-nine clues didn’t existed at the first place?

So many what ifs. So many soons and nevers, not enough nows.
If only.

(Old artwork. Yeah, just having one of my unexpected cases of longing and nostalgia and whatever. Don’t mind me. [*sniffles* OH MY GOD WHYWHYWHYWHY]) —Iron Man

National Bestfriend Day


since i saw the #nationalbestfriendday trending on Philippines twitter, i decided to do some piece of shit on facebook. lol. and since i’m "industrious" enough to type the whole thing here, i’ll just give you the link. xDD

and to my friends and bestfriends out there, #happynationalbestfriendday :D xDimage

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